Come Together
26 August - 29 October 2022
Pine Rivers Art Heritage Museum

The Dadaists believed “The value of art lies not in the work produced, but in the act of making and collaborating with others to create new visions of the world.” Collaborating with someone from a different discipline or practice can create unexpected and delightful results, something not otherwise possible without the input of more than one person. Over the past two years, we have learnt new ways to work together. That has led to more innovative and collaborative partnerships.

In collaboration with Courtney Coombs.

Opening: Saturday April 24, 6-8pm
Final viewing: Sunday April 25, 11am-2pm
Wandering Room

An exhibition featuring four artists no longer living and working in Brisbane.

208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)

Brunswick VIC

Antoinette J. Citizen
Benjamin Crowley
Brooke Ferguson
Stephen Russell

Curated by Joseph Breikers


Performance for a World without Creativity
Tuesday 26th May 2020 7-9pm
Online event link

Artists Antoinette J. Citizen and Courtney Coombs are compiling a list of things that would not exist without creativity. Join in for 5 minutes or for the whole session to extend the conversation.

This work accompanies the 'Artist* Led Economy: Basic Income & the Case for a Freed Future' online symposium.


Experimenta: Make Sense
Experimenta, RMIT gallery
2 October – 11 November
OPENING: Thursday 5th October 6-8pm

Curated by Lubi Thomas and Johnathan Parsons

Become submerged inside a breaking wave, step into the shoes and eyes of a stranger using VR goggles or explore the body’s adaptions to sensory deprivation and extreme isolation when Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art launches in Melbourne this October.

A challenge for 21st century humanity is that “we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technologies”, according to Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. We humans still ‘make sense’ of our world through our physical selves and our cultures. From Monday 2nd October until Saturday 11th November, Experimenta presents an exhibition of leading international and Australian artists who will engage directly with this conundrum.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Future Tense
Channels Festival, Substation
1 September – 28 October
OPENING: Friday 1st September 6-8pm

Curated by Alicia Renew and Kate Warren

Channels, The Australian Video Art Festival is the only festival dedicated to showcasing new contemporary moving image by some of the most exciting Australian and international artists. Presented from 1–10 September 2017, Channels will deliver a diverse and inspiring festival of exhibitions, screenings, talks, public engagement programs and a series of international exhibitions and events.
In 2017 we look to the future. In dialogue with artists, curators and the community, Channels poses an open question about the future and speculative narratives which explore the uncharted territory of histories yet to be established. The theme ‘futures’ is an invitation to artists and collaborators who are experimental and innovative with their medium and ideas, exploring future selves, ideas, movements, politics and technologies.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body


Greater Together
ACCA, Melbourne
8 July – 17 September
OPENING: Friday 7th July 6-8pm

Curated by Annika Kristensen

Greater Together begins with the question of work and of how to work better. It takes place in a period of uncertainty when contemporary societal divisions (political, environmental, cultural and geographic) are creating real need to share knowledge and resources, and to reassess ideas of production and organisation – professionally, socially and artistically. At the same time, conventional methods of working are changing, with advances in thinking and technology creating new ways for people to communicate and organise – offering unprecedented opportunities to share services and skills, and to create networks and relationships across distance, difference and time.
Greater Together assembles eight artist projects that complicate individual notions of authorship to consider ideas of collaboration and cooperation as deliberate and productive means of agency and solidarity in a complex and changing world. While acknowledging the inherent challenges of working together, and the often-utopian ideals of collectivity, the exhibition explores various models of artistic collaboration (from conscious, pragmatic decisions to divide skills and labour; to the natural result of long-term friendships, romantic partnerships or family ties) to consider broader ideas of community, communication and cooperation – both in the discipline of art and in the wider global, networked world.


Announcing the latest Experimenta Commissions, in partnership with the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)

Experimenta is excited to announce our first Commission artists for the Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art: Antoinette J. Citizen (VIC), Gail Priest (NSW) and Anna Munster & Michele Barker (NSW).

Experimenta’s Artistic Director Jonathan Parsons says: “All of the selected works display an imaginative response to the curatorial theme and demonstrate the creativity and vibrancy of the Australian media arts sector. We were delighted with the breadth and calibre of Australian artists who submitted more than 80 proposals to our Commissioning EOI process. This of course made the final selection a challenge and we sincerely hope that the works not selected will find support to be realised in other contexts.”

Antoinette, Gail, Anna and Michele’s works will tour galleries and arts centres around Australia from 2017-2020 as part of Experimenta’s next triennial. Michele and Anna agree that “Experimenta’s support, dedication and partnerships with major and regional galleries across Australia means that artists such as ourselves have a fantastic opportunity to reach new audiences with work that is fresh, thoughtful, and enabled by new media and technologies.”

Highly regarded sound artist Gail Priest will use the commission to develop an ambitious new installation work: “I am very excited to be one of the commissioned artists for Experimenta Make Sense. The commission will allow me time and significant production resources to consolidate my sound practice within a gallery context, and to communicate the wonders of the aural sense to a wide audience. I have long respected Experimenta as Australia’s leading media art presenting organisation and it really is a personal milestone to be commissioned to present a work with them.”

Antoinette J. Citizen’s work will explore and interrupt our perceptions of time through a series of immersive, interactive objects. Antoinette says: “I have been attending Experimenta exhibitions since my first year at art school and feel honoured to be part of the incredible list of artists that have exhibited with Experimenta over its long history.”

Experimenta, Touring Exhibition


The Number You Have Reached
Success Gallery, Freemantle
April 30 - 29 May 2016
OPENING: April 30th 6-8pm

Curated by Sarah Werkmeister and Tim Woodward

As an increasingly ubiquitous condition of daily life, surveillance (and acts of surveilling) serve a raft of state, commercial and personal interests. It is quickly becoming the backbone of a normal organisational existence; public by default, private with effort. The Number You Have Reached responds to the challenges of conceiving new ways of thinking about surveillance, and how this challenge frames another; namely what possibilities remain to articulate dissent/autonomy in an age of information control.

Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan | Michael Candy | Antoinette J Citizen | Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn (Greatest Hits) | JD Reforma | Andrew Varano | Tim Woodward

The Australian Artists’ Grant is a NAVA initiative, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs Janet Holmes à Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts.


Mechanical Cognition
20 April 6:30 – 8:30
LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative

Liquid Architecture, Carlton Connect Initiative and Naturestrip present 'Mechanical Cognition', a program of performative talks and artistic explorations of mechanical sentience and human awareness by Benjamin Kolaitis, Antoinette J. Citizen and Nathan John Thompson.

Benjamin Kolaitis will present 2° Tight, a new work commissioned by Naturestrip and Liquid Architecture. 2° Tight poses the question, “Would our behaviour change if our immediate mortality was personally threatened by climate data and statistics”. In partial answer, Kolaitis has re-constructed a mechanical necktie – an industrial makeover for the workwear icon that is a symbol of business and politics – and incorporated a robotic function that tightens the necktie in accordance with collected data used to measure current states of global warming.

Antoinette J. Citizen presents, Method for Mapping, an electro-mechanical performative logging device that Citizen uses to speculate on the current contemporary desire for the datafication of self-knowledge. Citizen’s practice employs a range of materials and methods that seek to combine disparate technologies and performance strategies. Many of Citizen’s works incorporate emerging technology, computer programming, electronics, paper-based works, kinetic sculptures and installations.

Nathan John Thompson‘s work examines the role of humans in ‘nature’ by mapping sono-kinetic territories that act as filters for understanding inhabited space. In these ‘spaces’ Thompson experiments with new possibilities for man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the complexities produced from these relationships. At Mechanical Congition, Thompson presents Gen-Ottonix and Solar beams, a work that uses machines (self built, analogue, lifelike in their behaviour, using custom electronic neural-type networks, simple in design but when fed through multiple systems display behaviour that is remarkably organic) to explore questions of consciousness, mechanical sentience and object oriented ontology.

Liquid Architecture, Carlton Connect Initiative and Naturestrip

Geek Girls
The Block, Brisbane
19 April – 13 May
OPENING: Tuesday 19th 6-8pm

Curated by Racheal Parsons

In the Creative Industries, women have been at the forefront of art and technology creation and have played a central role in the development of new media practice. Geek Girls presents experimental and cutting edge works by female creative practitioners that demonstrate innovative uses of technology and resonance with 'geek culture'.


Outer Space
Casula Powerhouse
5 December - 7 February 2016

Curated by Adam Porter

Outer space, can be defined as the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. The contemporary exhibition, Outer Space utilises the idea of space as a metaphor to explore the limits and agency of the physical body and human existence within the physical environments.

Artists: Anotinette J. Citizen, Haines & Hinterding, Peter Hennessey, Christina Lissman, Alasdair Macintyre, Adam Norton, Liam O’Brien, Mira Oosterweghel, Silvia Schwenk, Vernon Treweeke



03 October—12 December

Curated by Charlotte Day


Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) concludes its three–part series on watershed moments in art history with Technologism, a major group exhibition on the cultural, social and political impact of technological advancements in the modern era.

Featuring artworks that engage both physically and conceptually with electronic systems—television, computers, the internet, smartphones—Technologism focuses on the ways artists critique and disrupt official uses of the media, or construct their own machines and data systems.

Bringing together historical and contemporary artworks from Australian and international practitioners, including several new commissions, Technologism delves into the profound impact technology has made on art.

Artists Cory Arcangel (US), Dara Birnbaum (US), Chris Burden (US), Ian Burns (AU), Antoinette J. Citizen (AU), Simon Denny (NZ), Jan Dibbets (NL), Aleksandra Domanović (SI/DE), Harun Farocki (DE), Benjamin Forster (AU), Isa Genzken (DE), Greatest Hits (AU), Martijn Hendriks (NL), Lynn Hershman Leeson (US), Matt Hinkley (AU), Jenny Holzer (US), Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin Kienholz (US), Oliver Laric (AT), Mark Leckey (UK), Scott Mitchell (AU), Rabih Mroué (LB), Henrik Olesen (DK), Nam June Paik (KR/US), Nam June Paik & John Godfrey (US), Joshua Petherick (AU), Matte Rochford (AU), Jill Scott (AU), Richard Serra (US), John F. Simon Jr. (US), Brian Springer (US), Hito Steyerl (DE), Ricky Swallow (AU), Jeff Thompson (US), Pia van Gelder (AU), Ulla Wiggen (US) and Dennis Wilcox (AU)



System and Method

School of Art Gallery, RMIT
17-19 August 2015

System + Method is a practice led inquiry into the datafication of self-knowledge, as seen in the increasing prevalence of life logging and self-surveillance technologies. The thesis project has taken a personal look at the value of data, reflecting on how data practices claim to shape us into the ‘best’ versions of ourselves. Using humour, performance and applying evolving technologies in the best spirit of artist’s DIY, the works experiment with the material forms and animating spirit of the contemporary desire for a more measured self.


GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art

11 July - 11 October 2015
Artist talk: 2pm Saturday 11 July 2015

‘GOMA Q’ is the first in a series of exhibitions that will profile the innovations and achievements of leading Queensland visual artists. The exhibition will profile more than 30 emerging, mid-career and senior artists working in painting, photography, ceramic, video, performance, installation and sculpture.

‘GOMA Q’ will reflect and contextualise the dynamic character of Queensland art today, showcasing artists of all generations working across the spectrum of themes and media. It will challenge expectations and demonstrate, with conviction, the inspired, innovative and inventive.



Concerted Efforts
Curated by Robyn Cook, Samantha McCulloch, Lauren von Gogh and Christopher Williams-Wynn.

10 July 2015 - Sunday, 15 August 2015
OPENING: Thursday 9 July 2015 6-8pm

Concerted efforts reflects on authorship, the cult of the curator and the group exhibition format. The project compiles and presents the work of collaborative art groups from South Africa and Australia, incorporating and problematising transnational exchanges. The project interrogates the glib tokenism often associated with collectivity, as it is frequently used to project an image of harmony to the detriment of debate. Collaboration, we are told, will solve all ills, just so long as failure is not an option.

In the context of a strident neoliberal economic order, artistic practice cannot resist all forms of co-option by and complicity with the primacy of capital. This project recognises the necessary challenges and issues inherent in bringing artists together. These artists are divergent and heterogeneous in their multiple approaches to authorship across national, social and cultural lines reflecting in varying ways and to varying ends on the role of collaboration in the production of work.

Such a compilation does not strive to emphasis a benevolent collective unity but rather to explore the diversity and discontents of collaboration, the paradox of collaboration itself. This ambiguous meaning is crucial: it suggests both cooperation and collusion, productive work with an ally and traitorous fraternising with an enemy.



Stereoscopic Internal Projection Apparatus

New Aesthetic?
The Block, QUT
27 April – 15 May

SIPA is a stereoscopic internal projection apparatus. It’s function is to project content into the darkness behind the closed eyelid. Using customised +25 diopter contact lenses placed onto the eyes the artist is able to focus as close to the back of the closed eyelid as possible. Twin ultra high contrast 15 lumen laser pico projectors project an 848 x 480px one inch image over each eyelid. The resulting hi-res micro projection is such that the eye can move left and right behind the lid as if panning and tilting to view more of the real world. Six artists are being commissioned to create content for the apparatus. Each artist are having custom lenses made in order to experience each of the six works at a once only event. By commissioning and curating work for SIPA, the dark behind the eyes is established as an exhibition context. The audience beyond the artists will only ever experience the six works through simulations of the SIPA experience in a exhibition in 2015.

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A Space Oddity

Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
Saturday, 28 September 2013 - Sunday, 10 November 2013
OPENING: Friday 27 September 2013 6-8pm

Artists: Adad Hannah with Oscar winning Director Denys Arcand, Darren Sylvester, Masato Takasaka, Antoinette Citizen, Dominic Redfern, Akira Akira and Amanda Marburg, Philip Samartzis
Curators: Jan Duffy and Matthew Perkins
A Space Oddity explores the human condition in a contemporary world characterized by a sense of identity that is de-centered and multiple. In this expanding and contracting world our perceptions of space are continually challenged.

While the screen has become a prominent way to engage in new ways of thinking about ourselves and the world there is still a human need for tangible engagement. The artists in this exhibition respond to a variety of real-world spaces as well as web based and augmented realities through performance, fantasy, interactions and site-specific works.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Counting Qualia
Boxcopy, Brisbane
Friday 4 - Sunday 6 October

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Faux Pas
Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane
August 21 - September 7
Opening event: August 23 6pm

Alex Vivian / Antoinette J Citizen / Charles Dennington / Genevieve Reynolds / Jared Worthington / Matthew Greaves


Curated by Raymonda Rajkowski and Felicity Strong

Blindside, Melbourne
10 July – 13 July
Opening: Thursday 11 July, 6-8pm

With Open Arms brings together contemporary Australian artists who embrace old and new video technologies and aesthetics. These artists explore, transform and expose analogue and digital terrains to experiment with, as well as reflect upon the technical and conceptual potential of video. Embracing everything from VHS re-mixing to frame-by-frame digital image manipulation, film, television and YouTube appropriation, this exhibition reveals how nostalgic and innovative technology for the moving image can still co-exist in the 21st century.
The featured artists are Antoinette J. Citizen (Melbourne), Tara Cook (Melbourne), Daniel McKewen (Brisbane), Jonathon Nokes (Melbourne) and Josephine Skinner (Sydney). With Open Arms is curated by Board members Felicity Strong and Raymonda Rajkowski.

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Curated By Robert Leonard

Starkwhite, New Zealand
11 May - 8 June

IMA Director Robert Leonard is curating an exhibition for Starkwhite to coincide with the opening of the Auckland Triennial in May. Titled Bazinga!-the notorious catchphrase of Dr Sheldon Cooper from the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory-the show will explore a nerd sensibility in recent Australian art. It will feature work that touches on science (especially astrophysics) and science fiction (particularly Star Trek); mathematics and statistics; technology, computers, computer games, and the internet; and obsessive fandom, autistic behaviour, and inane pranks. The artists are Rebecca Baumann, Botborg, Antoinette J. Citizen, Gabrielle de Vietri, Danielle Freakley, Daniel McKewen, Ross Manning, Grant Stevens, and Stuart Ringholt.

Bazinga! opens Saturday 11 May at 6pm, with a video/sound-feedback performance by Botborg, and runs until 8 June.

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System and Method to Assist an Insomniatic State for Creative Thought. (005)

Level, Brisbane
15 - 24 March 2013

A new work by Emerson Greene



Place of Assembly
Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne

10 - 27 October 2012

Over the last 2 years, Schoolhouse Studios in Abbotsford has been the workplace of over 75 artists working across a wide range of disciplines. With the demolition of the site planned for the end of 2012, resulting in the displacement of the tenants, founders Elizabeth Barnett & Alice Glenn, in conjunction with Melbourne International Arts Festival, are curating a two-week, site-wide exhibition. Place of Assembly brings together the artists-in-residence, along with 12 guest artists and the general public, to celebrate the diverse and vibrant 120-year history of the site. The uniqueness of the Nicholson Street site, and the fact that it will soon be demolished, offers people a rare opportunity to engage with space and art-forms in a way that is impossible in conventional galleries and exhibition spaces.



Fresh Cut 2012
IMA, Brisbane


This year's Queensland emerging-artists show features work by Sean Barrett, Antoinette J. Citizen, Yavuz Erkan, and David Nixon.

Antoinette J. Citizen is thinking about the future. Inspired by the idea that the world will end in 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar), she programs Google Calendar to rapidly scroll forward, month-by-month, hoping to find its limit—a new unanticipated endtime. In contrast, she slows down the 1960 movie The Time Machine, showing it as if it had started playing when it was first set (1899) and would finish in the distant future it imagines (802,701). For Project Alpha, she mocked up a letter from ASIO to Peter Alwast, inviting the Brisbane artist to join the elect who will continue the species in the event of a future global cataclysm. Finally, with Courtney Coombs, Citizen harassed the curators of the hip Paris art museum, the Palais de Tokyo, sending them a new proposal every fortnight, until asked to cease and desist. Optimistically, the duo proposed futures that would not take place.



System and Method for Logging Human Behaviour and/or Actions
(001: Internal Dialogue vs External Conversations)

Kings ARI, Melbourne

6 – 28 April 2012

New work by Emerson Greene



Sprint: Closer
Media Lab Melbourne

13 - 21 August 2011

Relationships between the body and technology evolve in parallel with technological
progression. Super connected devices enable us to see and experience the world anew.
We keep them close. They fuse the virtual with the real. They are part of our everyday.
Media Lab Melbourne is calling for projects that reflect on the relationships between the
body and technology.

Projects will be realised during a sprint from the 13th – 21st of August.

Site: Media Lab Melbourne


Conical, Melbourne

April 9 – May 28
Opening Fri April 8, 6-8pm

Conical presents 3SQUARE, an annual pedagogical, curatorial and collaborative project.
This year Terri Bird, Lou Hubbard & Dominic Redfern select artists from three Melbourne
art schools.

1st floor, 3 Rochester St
Fitzroy, Victoria
Australia 3065

Gallery hours: Thursday - Saturday 12 – 5.30



Eastern Seaboard
Art Space, Australia

2 March - 10 April 2011
Opening 6pm Wednesday 2 March

In March No Frills* will take part in ‘Eastern Seaboard‘ curated by Reuben Keehan at
Artspace Sydney. Eastern Seaboard is an exhibition and symposium project exploring
the conditions, conceptual frameworks and creativity of artist collectives operating in
Australia’s urbanised southeast. The show also includes projects from The Cosmic Battle
for Your Heart and Foodcourt du Jour, du Jour.

Since leaving the comforts and constraints of routine programming at Metro Arts the
No Frills* directors have been increasingly inclined to spend time away from Brisbane
and each other in search of independent accounts of the international art world. In
the lead up to Eastern Seaboard, communication across time zones has exacerbated
the incongruence of their approaches and ultimately proven their inability to make art
together as a four-way collaboration. In response to this, No Frills* proposes new
methods of collaboration in the hope of addressing their ambivalent desire to connect
with other artists at home and abroad.

43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Sydney Australia

Gallery Hours: 11am - 5pm Tues - Sun



Remote Sense
Castlemaine State Festival, Australia

Remote Sense showcases a selection of video works created during Antoinette J. Citizen’s
residency with Aphids (Melbourne) and Punctum (Castlemaine) in October of 2010.
Utilising footage of the countryside from the surrounding areas of Castlemaine, Remote Sense
presents a version of reality tainted by science fiction.

Punctum: Incubator Space
1 Halford St Castlemaine

Site: Castlemaine State Festival


Ceci n'est pas un Casino
villaMERKEL, Germany
14 November 2010 – 13 February 2011

Pierre Ardouvin, Robert Barta, Patrick Bérubé, Marc Bijl, Hermine Bourgadier, Antoinette
J. Citizen, Courtney Coombs, Jacob Dahlgren, Paul Kirps, Walter Langelaar, Annika Larsson,
Ian Monk, Laurent Perbos, Letizia Romanini, Stéphane Thidet, Olaf Val

Pulverwiesen 25
73726 Esslingen am Neckar

Opening: 14 November 2010, 11 a.m.
Opening times: Tue11-8; Wed-Sun 11-6, Mon closed
Guided tours: Tue 6 p.m.; Sun 3 p.m.

Site: Villa Merkel