Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

2015 PhD (Practice-led Research) Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), Queensland University of Technology
2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), Queensland University of Technology

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 System and Method – RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Method for Counting Qualia – Boxcopy, Brisbane
2013 System and Method to Assist an Insomniatic State for Creative Thought (005)
– Level, Brisbane
2012 Device, System and Method for Logging Internal vs External Conversations
– Kings ARI, Melbourne
2011 Remote Sense – Incubator, Castlemaine

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 Come Together Pine Rivers Art Gallery, Queensland (With Courtney Coombs)
2021 FOUREX, The Wandering Room, Melbourne
2020 Performance for a World without Creativity Artist* Led Economy Symposium, Online
2019 Experimenta: Make Sense, Albury Library Museum
2019 Experimenta: Make Sense, New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale
2019 Experimenta: Make Sense, USC Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast
2018 Experimenta: Make Sense, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell
2018 Experimenta: Make Sense, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Rockhampton
2018 Experimenta: Make Sense, Margaret Olley Art Centre, Murwillumbah, NSW
2018 Experimenta: Make Sense, Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS, Hobart
2018 Experimenta: Make Sense, The Lock Up, Newcastle
2017 Greater Together, curated by Annika Kristensen – ACCA, Melbourne
2017 Future Tense – Channels Festival, Substation Newport
2017 Experimenta: Make Sense, RMIT gallery, Melbourne
2016 The Number you have Reached – Success Gallery, Perth
2016 Geek Girls – The Block, Brisbane
2015 Technologism – MUMA, Melbourne
2015 GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art – GOMA, Brisbane
2015 Outer Space – Casula Powerhouse, Sydney
2015 Concerted Efforts – West Space, Melbourne
2015 The New Aesthetic? – The Block, Brisbane (As part of the SIPA project)
2014 Moving Pictures/Expanding Space- Careof DOCVA, Milano
2013 A Space Oddity – Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne
2013 Faux Pas – Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane
2013 With Open Arms: Screen Series– Blindside, Melbourne
2013 Bazinga! – Startwhite, New Zealand
2012 Place of Assembly – Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne
2012 Fresh Cut curated by Robert Leonard – IMA, Brisbane
2011 3Square – Conical, Melbourne
2011 Eastern Seaboard – Artspace, Sydney
2010 Ceci N’est Pas Un Casino! – Villa Merkel, Germany
2010 Ceci N’est Pas Un Casino! – Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2010 The Directors Show – No Frills*, Australia
2010 Level Launch – Level gallery, Australia
2009 No Frills* Vs The General Will – Newstead, Brisbane
2009 Recession Art + Other Strategies – InBetweenSpaces, Brisbane
2009 Lean Toward Indifference! – !Metro Arts, Brisbane
2009 More No Frills* – QUT Art Museum, Brisbane

Guest Speaker
2016 Geek Girls: Artist Talk – The Block, Brisbane
2016 Mechanical Cognition: Artist Talk – Liquid Architecture, Melbourne
2015 Art + Data: Seminar – RMIT, Melbourne
2013 With Open Arms: Screen Series Forum– Blindside, Melbourne
2012 Quantified Self? Lecture – RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Eastern Seaboard: Forum – Artspace, Sydney, Australia
2010 Artist in Residence Talk – DAS, Belfast, United Kingdom
2010 PechaKucha: Artist Talk – Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia
2009 Video Art: Lecture – Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2009 Lean Toward Indifference!: Artist Talk – Metro Arts, Brisbane

2014 Stereoscopic Internal Projection Apparatus Port Melbourne, Melbourne
2012 Virtual Lab, Experimental applications workshop, Shanghai
2011 Media Lab Melbourne, Sprint Artist, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Artspace, Residential Studio Program, Sydney, Australia (with No Frills*)
2010 Aphids, Mentorship and residency, Castlemaine, Australia
2010 DAS, International residency program, Belfast, United Kingdom
2009 !Metro Arts, ARI residency, Brisbane, Australia (with No Frills*)

Industry Experience
2017 Introduction to Arduino and Microcontrollers, AICCM Symposium, Melbourne
2017 Makerspace technician– Melbourne Library Services (2014- current)
2016 Raspberry Pi Workshop – The Block, Brisbane
2015 Workshop Facilitator – Australian Centre for the Moving Image (2014-2015)
2013 Board Member - Kings ARI, Melbourne (2010-2013)
2012 Research Assistant – Spatial Dialogues at RMIT
2011 Co-Director – No Frills* Artist Run Initiative, Brisbane (2008-2011)
2010 World 1-1: Children’s Workshop – Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2009 New Media Tutor – Queensland University of Technology

2017 Experimenta Make Sense
– Experimenta Commission, in partnership with the Australian Network for Art and Technology
2016 Art Projects, Australia Council
2016 Australian Artist Grant, NAVA
2013 New Work Grant - Early Career, Australia Council
2010 Australian Postgraduate Award, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
2009 ARI Grant, Queensland Government’s Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (with No Frills*)
2008 Deans List of Excellence, Queensland University of Technology

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